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Tapley Brake Meter – Decelerometer

A Tapley Brake Meter is a scientific instrument, a decelerometer or MOT Brake Tester a Tapley Brake Meter is used as a back up to a Roller Brake Tester within an MOT Testing Station.

A Tapley Brake Meter is  in the main used to test 4×4 vehicles or used if a Roller Brake Tester is faulty within an MOT Test station, this decelerometer can also be used to test all types of vehicles, from heavy trucks and buses to vans. A Tapley Brake Testing Meter needs no electrical connections and it’s so portable that you can take the Tapley Meter to the vehicle instead of the other way around.

A Tapley Brake Meter measures Braking Efficiency. So what is Brake Efficiency?

Brake Efficiency is stopping time is directly related to speed, but stopping distance varies as the square of speed, i.e. if initial speed is doubled, stopping time is doubled, but stopping distance is multiplied by four.

Braking force, deceleration, stopping distance can all be used as a measure of braking efficiency; in the case of the first of these, it is necessary to know the gross weight of the vehicle and for the third and fourth, the initial speed must be known. as these quantities are inter-related, a conclusion is the measurements are accurate. The practicability of using measurements of these quantities as a means of assessing braking efficiency can be considered in turn.

Tapley Brake Meter Advantages

•The Tapley Brake Meter is very robust and has low maintenance costs.

•Simple to operate and needs very little operator training.

•The Tapley meter has been a recognized international standard decelerometer for almost 100 years and is certified to a standard agreed by the National Physical Laboratory in the U.K.

•Results of Tapley meter tests are accepted as evidence of braking efficiency in Courts of Law throughout the world.

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