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Caravan Testing & Servicing Tools

Its The Time Of The Year For Many Caravans To Tested & Checked

Its the time of the year to make sure caravans, tourers or motorhomes are roadworthy and regularly serviced.

For Caravan Service Engineers or Dealer Caravan Workshops, aide automotive have developed the TestaTow 12 Volt electrical trailer tester.

TestaTow will test a caravans or trailers electrical system as an inspection procedure or fault finding, also the towing bar of a vehicle on 13 pin or 7 pin socket tow bar versions.

Supplied in a tough lid opening carry case, the TestaTow will test caravans, trailers and the tow bar from a car/van.

TestaTow - 12 Volt Trailer Wiring Tester is the professionals choice, portable and well constructed the 12 Volt TestaTow quickly tests any trailer without the need of a vehicle or battery. No more carrying car batteries around and DIY wire connections. Built in a ergonomic housing TestaTow also test caravans with a fridge battery circuit.

TestaTow has a radio remote control for vehicle walk round testing and visual rear towing vehicle inspection.

Portable and supplied with a mains charger, TestaTow Caravan Tester is for the Pro's!

Caravan Electrics tester, TestaTow can be used by caravan dealer workshops to a single caravan maintenance engineer.

Contact aide automotive to purchase the TestaTow or ask any further questions.

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