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Wabco / Haldex / Knor Bremse Diagnostics

Code Talk Featured In Truck & Bus Product Focus

The Only JUST Trailer Diagnostics Scanner Available

Code Talk is an ideal cost effective trailer diagnostic tool to quickly read and clear codes on EBS/ABS trailer braking system.

The trailer diagnostics hand set will communicate with a trailer’s ECU, reading and clearing ABS/EBS fault codes on Haldex ABS, EBS Gen 1 & 2 & 3 Knorr-Bremse EBS Gen 1 & G2, WABCO ABS, TEBS ‘D’ & Latest ‘E’. Trailer EBS systems are accessed via the ISO socket.
Simple to use and operate, Code Talk makes trailer diagnostic maintenance an affordable option to any repairer or fleet workshop.

Code Talk - Trailer Diagnostics is supplied as a stand-alone purchase.
No Annual Fees!
All Cables Included!
Covers All Brake Systems!

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