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Truck Fuel Tank Alarm Demo Box

aide Produce A Demo Case For The TankGuard

TankGuard is the latest product to protect truck diesel from aide automotive, this fuel theft alarm will sound once the fuel cap is removed or a potential thieves tamper with the truck diesel tank.

With sales and interest increasing across the UK & globe! aide automotive have developed a demonstration case for potential customers to view online or receive to review in house.

The TankGuard Demo Case is 100% portable, with all components of the kit within the case a quick and effective demonstration can take place anywhere.

Powering up with ignition switch on, once the settling time has finished; tap the sensor for alarm activation.

With the optional accessory of a GSM modem, a text message can be sent to 5 phones once the alarm is activated.

The TankGuard Fuel Theft Alarm is a relatively easy aftermarket installation with the option of adding a second sensor for dual fuel tanks.

Contact aide automotive to discuss the TankGuard for your commercial vehicle fleet - 0115 8456471

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