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Air Brake Tester Gauge

The Air Brake Tester Gauge “The simple solution to air braking problems “.

aide automotive is a leading provider of automotive diagnostic equipment, we have marketed diagnostics test equipment for the automotive market  for over 10 years.

An Air Brake Tester can save hours of time trying to find that faulty brake component within an air brake system. The Air Test Gauges will identify where a faulty component lies by highlighting where the air is not present within a truck or trailer brake system.

Simply plug into the ISO test points on the commercial vehicle at three points to establish which component is faulty. The Air Brake Tester Gauge ensures compliance with EC braking regulations.

The Air Brake Tester Gauge can also be used to set up your load sensing valves and actuating valves as they have a highly accurate scale which has a graduated scale down to 0.5 of a bar.

The Air Brake Tester Gauge kit comprising three pressure gauges, including connecting hoses, coupling tester, and adaptors, in a sturdy carry case, for use on trucks, trailers and buses. The gauges are supplied calibrated.

The evolution of the modern commercial vehicle, operating at higher speeds and with increased gross weight, on roads which in recent years have become heavily congested, has necessitated the move to more advanced braking systems. At the same time, fleet operators’ demands have also had to be met, in terms of longer intervals between services, reduced maintenance costs, better performance and increased safety.

Air Brake Tester Summary:

• – 3 Air Test Gauge Kit

• – 2 x 11 Bar gauges

• – 1 x 17 Bar gauge

• – 3 x 2 Metre connecting hoses

• – 1 x Headboard Coupling Tester

• – 4 x Assorted Test Point Adaptors

• – Housed in a sturdy polycarbonate case

• – Air Test Gauges air supplied calibrated

• – Designed and manufactured in the U.K.

• – 1 year (RTB) Warranty included

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Air Brake Tester